Why Seacret

After 6 years and $600+ million in retail sales, the owners and developers of world renowned SEACRET Skin Care Products, based on salts, minerals and muds from the Dead Sea, have begun the process of shifting global distribution from a retail-mall-kiosk-based business model to a wholesale-referral & in-home “Spa-Party” distribution program.

Welcome New Agents

If you’re a new Seacret Agent, first of all … welcome and congratulations! To help you get your new Seacret business off to a fast start you we’ve created a New Agent FAST START GUIDE and a whole NEW AGENT TRAINING SECTION on this web site dedicated to the getting started process, so click here, and let the learning begin!  Click here.

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I am 58 yrs young, and have never used anything on my face except soap and water.  I swim at the local swimming pool 3-5 times a week for exercise and have worried about the chlorine damage to my skin.  No more.  I am now using  the peeling gel and moisturizer(2 min miracle) The first time I used it, the results were amazing.  It took all the chlorinated dead skin off my face and there was a boat load of it.  The smell was so overwhelming I actually had to step outside to breath.  Now I use it regularly on my face and the mud soap on my whole body and I no longer smell like chlorine 24/7.  Thank you Seacret…and my skin thanks you too!  ~ Deb A

I spent 30 years in the sun as an athlete with no thought of protection for my face or my exposed arms and legs. I then just neglected my skin for 30 years…just could not be bothered.  From the first time I used the Purifying Peeling MIlk, I could feel a softness that astonished me. Then I used the Ocean Mist Salt and Oil Scrub in the shower, and I was thrilled to feel the moisture and suppleness of my skin instead of the dryness that seemed to be my norm. I am a convert. It feels like I am paying my skin back for the years of neglect. What a treat!  ~  MK

I have been using the Seacret Foot Cream on my feet and they are no longer dry and cracked on the heels … and I used the Salt and Oil Scrub on my hands and the softness has stayed for WEEKS.  Everyone who tries it is completely amazed at how soft their hands are!  … and one more … Our 15 year old son was beginning to break out around his entire hairline.  He used the mud soap in the evening and by the next morning it was nearly cleared up.  ~  Karilee

I have been using the Facial Cleansing Milk and the Facial Serum for approximately two weeks twice per day – morning and night. I can already notice my rosacia beginning to decrease and the pours on my face seem smaller. Over-all my face looks smoother and less red. I do still have red spots and patches, but once I get more of the products I am confident I will notice an even bigger difference.  Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me.    Love you  ~  Jan